Zamfara Killings: Abdulaziz Yari Call for Emergency Rule in the State.

Reporting from Zamfara state, apparently overwhelmed by the unrestrained carnage in his domain, Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State has backed a call on President Muhammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency in the state.

According to the reporters, he spoke at a press briefing in Gusau and said, I am also in support of the declaration of state of emergency if it will save the lives of people of the state he said.

The Four university lecturers had in a statement made available to the reporter’s on Wednesday morning called on the president Muhammad Buhari to declare a state of emergency in the state over the massive violence and killings occurring in the North-west state he said.

Also telling the decisive action by Buhari on friday was the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, who said the spate of killings in the state had become unacceptable for them to bear.

Yari pleaded with politicians not to politicise the worsening security situation in the state he said.
We are talking about the lives of our people and this needs the coming together of all the people together, so that the crisis can end in the state.

If the provisions of my office had allowed me to carry arms against the bandits, l would have done so he told the reporter.
But, if I am not around, there are capable hands that collaborate with the security team in the fight against the bandits.

The security men in the state are doing their best. But, it is so sad to know that some of the people involved in the kidnappings are close relatives or associates of the victims, which is part of the reasons the problem is persisting in the state he said to the reporters.
We must all come together and expose anyone or group that is part of these hoodlums, and we must should also pray to Allah’s (God) intervention.

Bandits had continued to elude security measures put in place by both the state and federal governments, killing and maiming innocent’s citizens at will.

Speaking on the issue, Saraki called on Buhari to take decisive action towards arresting the spate of killings in Zamfara State he said.

The senate president’s charge come as the Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdurrahman Dambazzau (rtd), assured Nigerians of the federal government’s readiness to deploy additional security resources to end the destruction of lives and property in the state he said.

He said that the president should urgently give a marching order to the various security agencies, telling them to give him progress report on a regular basis  to him.

The president has to take full, direct control on what is going on in the state. May be the president must widen the consultation within the armed forces on the search for solution to this problem.

He must go beyond the first line military top brass. We need to get ideas from more sources than we presently do,he said.

According to what he said, there is need for us to use the Zamfara case to demonstrate to all criminal elements that the government will not tolerate those who hide under whatever guise to shed human blood in our country.

We should look at the Zamfara killings as a major threat to our democracy, particularly as we move towards election period in the next 50 days.

We should not allow criminal elements to take over parts of the country he said. The situation in that state is an example of why we need to overhaul our security architecture in order to bring them to a state where they can tackle emerging challenges, the Senate president said.

He described the killings as barbaric, unacceptable and called on the security agencies to swiftly devise a strategy to put an end to the ugly situation.

According to him, the killings have gone on for too long and the situation has not been given the desired attention as well as the right strategy that will stop it, adding that there was a clear indication of systemic failure.

He said, There is need for certain and proper profiling of the situation so that we can know whether it is simple cattle rustling, vicious armed robbery on a large scale, religious cum ethnic crisis or invasion by foreign forces he said.

According to the statement, Dambazzau was received by the state’s Acting Governor Mr. Sanusi Rikiji, and other members of Zamfara Executive Council he told the reporters.