Google is expanding the service to over 130 countries, giving a huge number of new users access.

Google launched YouTube Go in India last year as a data-light version of its video sharing platform, and since then has brought the app to an additional 14 countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Nigeria.

YouTube Go provides users with more control over their data usage, especially important in areas where prices remain high. Users can access video previews to get a better idea of a video’s content before streaming the entire thing, and can set data limits on individual videos.

The app also enables users to download videos for later viewing, providing access to YouTube content regardless of connectivity, and allowing users to load up content when they have access to broadband or signal, and enjoy it

YouTube is aiming to tailor the app to each individual market, promising that the home screen will contain locally relevant material that is popular in each user’s area, and is available in their language. The new launch also introduced higher quality videos and easier sharing.

Jay Akkad said, “We’ve been working hard to build a YouTube app that works for you, with brand new features designed with your preferences, aspirations and needs in mind,” product manager at YouTube. “We can’t wait to see what you can do with the power of YouTube in the palm of your hand.”