Today is Muhammadu Buhari’s birthday and his family details.

Today is Muhammadu Buhari’s birthday and do you know how old is Buhari How much do you know about his family and his main achievements Being the President of such a huge country like Nigeria is a big and very important mission to be as a president.

What is Muhammadu Buhari’s age the first question we would like to answer is ‘how old is our president in 2018. Today he is turning 76 years old. Muhammadu Buhari was born in 1942 in Katsina State.

He celebrates his birthday on December 17th, and he has lived an interesting life, built an impressive career, and grown to the most prestigious title of Mr. President. Since you already know about Buhari age and the fact that it is his birthday today, let us talk more about his family background.

General Muhammadu Buhari family history Buhari and his family The President was born in a big Fulani family.

His father’s name was Hardo Adamu (chief of Fulani) This man had many children, and Buhari was the 23rd kid of Adamu. The President’s mother, name is Zulaihat, raised her child on her own after the death of the Fulani chief (this happened when the boy turned 4 years old).

He joined the military He was also trained in the United Kingdom, and he started building his ‘military career’ in 1960s.

As for his current family, Buhari married to Aisha Halilu since 1989 Together, they are raising 5 children and 1 grandchild. Besides, our current President had 5 kids from his previous marriage to late Safinatu Yusuf who was his beloved before she passed away.