Storey building collapse in Port Harcourt causing 15 people dead while 30 people were recuse.

it was reported this morning  Port Harcourt by Mr Ejike Martins, South-South Coordinator, NEMA, he said 31 persons have been rescued, while 15 others people  were brought out of the rubble dead, from the collapsed seven-storey bulding in Port Harcourt.

Martins told the reporters in Port Harcourt this morning  that every floor of the seven-floor building fell on each other in the process of the collapse, making the effort of rescue operators appear too slow .

According to what he said, the complexity of the incident is caused by the slow pace of rescue operations at the collapsed seven-storey building in Port Harcourt he said.

The peculiarity of this collapse is such that every floor fell directly on the other; the implication is that the debris will be removed bit by bit in the building.

This was what made the operation to be seen as relatively slow, this is also the reason it is taking some time, he said told the reporters.

The organisations involved in the rescue operations had been very proactive but added that they were constrained by the peculiarity of the collapse.

The rescue operations at the site of the building collapse were being criticized by some members of the public as slow and poor.