Painful as former Nigeria Airways worker Gave up the ghost at venue for payment

Wednesday the expected day to commence the payment of N22 billion to the Nigerian Airways Worker, One of the former workers of the defunct Nigeria Airways who attended the ongoing verification exercise preceding the payment, gave up the ghost while at the premises for the exercise.

The deceased was brought to the verification centre in an ambulance from an undisclosed hospital passed away shortly but was painful he was not able to undergo his verification before he gave up the ghost and his corpse was immediately taken in the same ambulance to maybe the mortuary.

Besides the death of the man, we have other in report which was also around for the exercise were who are very old men and women and very sick..

Some of them were on wheels to the place while others came in crutches even as their situations were pathetic as the whole exercise was rowdy with many of them proceeding from the first point of checking their names.

After all this first stage they were ordered to start the second process as well, which was getting a long form which they were asked to fill their bio-data and other information required of them.

While third stage is the data capture area where their entitlements are spelt out and computed for final payment.

Out of the 5, 968 workers of the defunct Nigeria Airways Over 1,000 we qualified which will from today start receiving their severance benefits from today, fifteen years after the airline was liquidated.

According to Mr Lookman Animashaun Chairman of Aviation Union Grand Alliance (AUGA) former Nigeria Airways branch, 1, 000 of the ex-workers turn up each day for verification exercise just as the situation is fraught with logistic problems

This is coming following the verification exercise which the Presidential Initial on Continuous Audit (PICA) commenced on Monday and expected to end next week Monday.

The verifications are expected to end October 22, 2018. He disclosed that the government had concluded plans to pay them 50 per cent of the entire entitlement, stressing that the other 50 per cent would be paid in the next six months.