Over score people gave up the ghost in a Road crash in Northern Limpopo, South Africa.

More than 20 people were crushed to death in a road smash in South Africa’s northern Limpopo province after a truck swerved into oncoming vehicles lane as a result of tyre burst, emergency services and the local transport minister said on Friday.

Mr Ineke Van Huyssteen said “More than 20 people have been killed and there are about six others who were severely injured,”

The accident involved multiple vehicles, according to the provincial transport minister Makoma Makhurupetje.

“A truck had a tyre burst. Unfortunately it crossed over into oncoming traffic with another four vehicles and one of the vehicles was a taxi (minibus),

Despite having one of the well tarred road networks in the continent, South Africa battles with a high rate of road fatalities which can be blamed mostly on overspeeding, reckless driving, failure to use seat belts, and use of vehicles that are not road worthy