My eye defect cost me many opportunities – LASU Best Graduating Student

The Lagos State University overall best graduating student for the 2016/2017 academic session, Fuhad Ogunsanya, shares his experience.

How does it feel to be the overall best graduating student of your university?

It feels really good, like I’m on top of the world.

Did you see it coming?

Yes, I saw the possibility in my final year first semester and I worked towards it tremendously.

Was it only in the first semester of your final year? Didn’t you plan it from the first day you were admitted to the university?

I had always been very hardworking and getting good grades since my first year in the university.  I started with a 4.86 GPA in my first year. But, then, the possibility was very slight because there were many talented scholars who started excellently well, too.

What were the challenges you faced in school?

The basic challenge was the distance between my uncle’s house and the school. The road has been under reconstruction for many years now and the traffic jam there is always terrific. So most times I spend an average of 1hr and some minutes to get to school.

Were you missing lectures as a result of this problem?

No. Through self-discipline and effective time management skills, most of the time I always got to the classroom before the lectures began.

For a student who got high grades from 100 level to final year, you must have been deeply immersed in your studies. Did you have a social life in school?

Yes, I was involved in a lot of social activities. I served as the financial secretary of the students’ association in my department in my second year.

Also, I served as the general secretary of the students’ association in my faculty in my third year. In my final year, I was the Chairman of the Planning Committee Graduating Set of 2017 for the Students’ Week in my department.

I was an active member of the Lagos State University Debating Society all through my days in school. I like to attend social gatherings a lot. I do attend family parties, see latest movies at the cinema and enjoy picnics at the beach with my close friends, most times after examinations.

Did you have a girlfriend in school?

I had a girlfriend then, but we went apart at the end of the first semester in my final year.

What happened? Why did you break up the relationship?

We had genotype incompatibility issues.

Were you thinking of getting married at the time?

It was just about looking into the future and raising a healthy and happy family.

During the convocation ceremony, you talked about failing WASSCE in your first attempt due to a health challenge. How did it all start?

It was caused by an inherited cataract. I struggled with it all through my primary and secondary school.

Who did you inherit it from?

My dad. The first surgery was unsuccessful and the cataract later extended to the other eye. It was really very painful. I lost so many opportunities due to the defect.

What kind of opportunities? Give us a few examples.

I lost time. Having failed the WASSCE, I had to wait for three years to start all over.

What kept you going during that trying period?

The determination to make a name for myself had kept me going.

Now do you feel that you have fulfilled that ambition?

Yes, I feel really fulfilled; although, there are other things to be achieved, I consider myself to be an achiever at this level.

What drove you to make an open call for sponsorship during the convocation ceremony?

What drove the call was just an inner drive to have a non-stop flow in my academic up to my PhD level.

What kind of relationship did you have with your parents?

I have an excellent and close relationship with my mum. My dad is late.

What was it like growing up?

Growing up was really very difficult for me. I suffered inferiority complex with the kind of defect that I had. All glory to God, the end has justified the means.

What do you plan to do with the N5m that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode gave you?

I am going to live a good life with the money and make necessary investment.