Motorists Lament over Slow Pace of Apapa-Oshodi Road Repairs.

Almost all the motorists users in Lagos appealed to the federal government to speed up with the repairs on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway to reduce gridlock and accident in the road.

Some of the road users, who spoke with the reports in separate interviews, said that the expressway had been cut off by gullies and big trucks, we have not heard anything about the of the road said by one of the youth.

Mr Solomon Nkemakolam, an Uber driver, said that craters compounded gridlock while vehicles were compelled to ply only the Oshodi bound carriageway as double lane because trucks had blocked the Apapa bound carriageway.

Everywhere is now blocked, it was tough crossing those pits with my car, that is why I am washing it now because the erosion and those pit holes there are just too much he said.

Malam Ado Dahiru, a business man who deals in electronics between Lagos and some Northern cities, noted that the hardship on the road made movement difficult and almost impossible.

Trucks have blocked the other lane, this lane is cut off because of the gullies, refuse has blocked the median, commercial motorcycles are maneuvering through every little available space.

It is difficult to drive or walk on this road, we need all round quick government intervention here,’’ he said.

A car dealer, Mr. Nna Gerald, stressed the need to fix the road on time because we are going through hell on daily basis and we are not making any sales if no sales how are we going to feed our family he said.

Tankers are always falling here and it is affecting our business, people who want to buy cars cannot come here because there is no road to move it out, he said.

Another car dealer, Mr. Ogeri Charles, said he saw construction workers on the Oshodi-Apapa road last week, but that speeding repairs of the road became imperative.

They are already working but the work is just too slow, a road like this requires very quick repairs because this road leads to the Apapa ports responsible for a lot of businesses in this nation, Ogeri said.

The reporters, who took a trip on the road, reported that the gullies have taken over around Trinity Bus Stop toward Berger (Under Bridge) while some vehicles were stuck in the craters in the course of navigating the depths covered with pond on the Oshodi bound carriageway.

Responding, the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, Mr Adedamola Kuti, told the reporters  that a contract had been awarded for the reconstruction of the road and they are working on it, and he plead with people to have a little patience with them.

Kuti explained that the road had been officially handed over to the contractor, the Dangote Group, adding that its workers were on site, fixing the bad portions on the road.

He promised that all the issues stakeholders raised would be addressed very soon.