Family Planning, Reproductive Health Law formulation takes a new look in Oyo

Going through the formulation of a law on Family Planning, Maternal Services and Reproductive Health in Oyo State advanced on Wednesday, with a public hearing involving various stakeholders.

The stakeholders who assembled at the  State Secretariat, Ibadan, in the instance of the Oyo House of Assembly, effected positions on expanding  a standard regulation and monitoring of reproductive and maternal healthcare services in the state.

Honourable Silas Okunlola the Chairman, of House Joint Committee on Health and Women Affairs, acclaimed that the law had become appropriate due to the rising number of imperfect maternity centers, inadequacies and imposture in reproductive health and maternity services.

On this same page, Honourable Wumi Oladeji the co-Chairman of the joint committee, bewail that due to poverty there is no or less access to adequate reproductive health and maternal services in the state, this made many women suffers casualties during child bearing, hence the need for a regulation.

She further expatiated that the bill intended to promote women’s rights to access adequate maternal and reproductive health care services, this stipulate the standards for controlling  and also providing family planning.

However, Oladeji said the bill when passed into law will improve, safe motherhood, women’s health ,reduce maternal mortality and morbidity.

Honourable Olagunju Ojo Speaker of the Assembly, , said the bill was one of the seven bills concerning health considered by the current Assembly.

The honourable further buttress saying that the bill when passed into law will extremely reduce the issue of morbidity and maternal in the state.

A Representative of the Oyo Ministry of Health, Dr Ladipo Taiwo stated the need for traditional birth attendants to have their own training, certification and registration.

Mr Oluseun Abimbola Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, state Attorney General, encourage better definition of contraceptives, while bearing in mind the increasing population of Nigerians.

Dr Akin Sodipo the Chairman, of  Nigeria Medical Association, Oyo State, in his own contribution, called for an increase in the fine for erring inadequate  operators of medical facilities, as well as the admittance of midwives and nurses in the committee of government that will be set up to regulate Family Planning, and Maternal Services ,Reproductive Health.

Mr Azeez Oluwajobi,  a representative of the Society for Family Health, also said that the age range of adolescents as contained in the bill should be spelt out while Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association, Ibadan branch, Mr Oluwole Akintayo, questioned the source of funding of the regulatory committee to be set up when the law comes into being.