The Portugal international was recently accused of assaulting a woman in America – Ronaldo was alleged to have assaulted Kathryn Mayorga in an hotel in 2009.cristiano Ronaldo has found himself in serious controversy after being accused by Kathryn Mayorga of assaulting her in 2009 after a night club in Las Vegas. Ronaldo, then 24, was in Las Vegas on holiday with his brother-in-law and cousin.

Mayorga, then 25, was ­working in Rain nightclub inside the Palms Resort and met the star in the venue’s VIP area. Meanwhile, Kathryn Mayorga was said to have negotiated a 375,000-euro out-of-court settlement with Cristiano Ronaldo not to go public with her claims according to UK Sun. At the time of the alleged attack, She claimed, in court documents, that she was invited to Rain nightclub by a friend. She met the 33-year-old in the VIP section and was invited, along with a few friends, to go back to his suite.

There, she and the others were invited to get in a hot tub. Kathryn said she didn’t have a swimsuit, so Ronaldo offered her something to wear.

She claimed she followed him into another room to retrieve the clothes and went into a bathroom to change. The soccer player reportedly entered the bathroom and told Kathryn to perform oral sex on him.

Kathryn said in her written statement that she refused and made it clear that she wanted to leave the suite. She claims that at that time, he pulled her into a bedroom and tried to have sex with her.

She recalled covering herself to prevent penetration. At that time, Kathryn alleges that Ronaldo turned her over and forcibly sodomized her while she screamed ‘no’ repeatedly.

Kathryn reported the incident to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police that same day, but didn’t name Ronaldo as her attacker ‘out of fear of public humiliation and retaliation’.

She was examined at University Medical Center ‘where physical evidence of the sodomy was documented and photographed’.

A week after the incident, Kathryn said she told police Ronaldo raped her and was told she’d be accused of making up lies to extort money.

Kathryn was allegedly paid £287,000 — which the soccer player made in one week playing for Real Madrid — to keep quiet.

After Kathryn Mayorga came forward with her allegations against Cristiano Ronald, the footballer’s girlfriend posted a message of support for her man. She shared a photo of herself sitting in the stands at Allianz Stadium, where he plays for Juventus.

In the caption she said: ‘You always transform the obstacles that are put in your way into impulse and strength to show how great you are. Thank you for making us enjoy each game. Always more and better. I love you @cristiano.’

However the Juventus superstar has denied the allegations claiming that the people that accused him only wanted to promote themselves by using his name. Cristiano Ronaldo emphatically denied claims that he had unlawful intercourse with an American woman nine years ago, branding it ‘fake news‘.  The Portuguese star took to the social media moments after American woman headed to the court room in a Live Instagram video on Saturday, September 29, 2018, to reveal his side of the story.