Breaking: Popular South Africa dancer get prepared ahead of her death.

It is quite uncommon for people to be thinking about death but popular South African dancer, Zodwa Libram Libram, seems to be unconventional in the directions of her dreams and goals. ALSO READ MORE NEWS: The dancer recently shared a rather disturbing series of post where she was pictured coffin shopping.

According to her, it is wise to prepare for death and she has taken the bold step in securing the perfect coffin in which she will be buried. ALSO READ MORE NEWS: Zodwa also attempted to justify her death anticipation and stated that black society is often scared to talk about death even as it is inevitable.

Her boldness with life is what led her to purchase her coffin which she revealed is worth N4 million. She added that she does not want to die today and people will say she was famous but there is no money to bury her. In what seems to be her way of causing controversy online, she also shared photos from the unusual trip to the coffin maker shop.

She also showed off the one which she settled for and went ahead to pose in the box for dead people. ALSO READ MORE NEWS:  Meanwhile, an awkward thing occurred recently at a burial ceremony when the corpse of a woman fell out of a coffin during her burial ceremony after one of the pallbearers tumbled and fell on top of it.