Wike had on Tuesday during the commencement of the reconstruction/rehabilitation of Abuloma, Fimie, Ozuboko and Amadi-Ama community roads in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, said:
“Nigeria is divided because of the APC leadership style. Wherever you go today in this country, there is one problem or the other. Is that how Nigerians want it? Certainly not! We need people who will promote peace through quality leadership.
“The change they said they are bringing is fake change. No person resident in Rivers State and sees what we are suffering from the APC Federal Government will ever support the APC.”
Wike then went on to say that Nigerians were deceived into voting for the APC but that in 2019, no Nigerian would listen to the party’s fake promises.
In his reaction, Finebone said, “The APC will list over 60 PDP leaders with their long list of alleged plundering of the nation’s resources that happened over the years, especially during the Jonathan presidency. Nigerians and the world will see these people for who they are.
“The present bravado you see in Wike and other PDP leaders will pale into insignificance as 2019 approaches. Their sins will seal their lips before Nigerians. They will be free, but unable to campaign. The wrong they have done will go after them.”
President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC Federal Government has continuously been accused of targeting only the opposition and political enemies in its anti-corruption crusade.
A list of 60 corrupt PDP members as boasted by the party, without any APC members who also served in the last administration, may only further the claim that the ruling APC is biased in its corruption fight.
Ahead of 2019 general elections, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has hinted that soon Governor Nyesom Wike and over 60 PDP leaders will be significantly politically weakened owing to the ruling party’s calculated plan to publicize “their long list of alleged plundering of the nation’s resources that happened over the years”.
The party said that Rivers State Governor Wike and his likes are still basking in the euphoria of the recent Supreme Court judgment that came their way, adding that at the right time, they will no longer have the effrontery to speak to Nigerians while also trying to answer to the multitude of corruption charges against them in various courts.
This was disclosed by Rivers State APC Publicity Secretary, Mr. Chris Finebone. He was reacting to Wike’s claim that Nigeria is currently divided because of APC’s bad leadership.


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