Alao-Akala Disagreement with Ajimobi on 2019 Ambition In Oyo APC Chairman.

The Information on some of the reasons that the former governor of Oyo State, Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala, has dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC) were dished out, on Thursday afternoon, with the Chairman of the party in the state, Chief Akin Oke stating that Alao-Akala has betrayed an agreement reached with Governor Abiola Ajimobi on his next political ambition he said.

According to what Oke said, Ajimobi and Alao-Akala and the former Senate Leader, Teslim Folarin, had, at a meeting in London last year, resolved to all vie for the Senate but Alao-Akala’s change to seek the governorship seat before the APC governorship primaries was a shocker to Ajimobi and the party he said.

Oke also added that they just like the party which was offered Alao-Akala the senatorial seat for the 2019 election, it also presented the same offer in 2015 before Alao-Akala then left for the Labour Party to pursue his gubernatorial ambition he told the reporters.

Upon Alao-Akala’s insistence on vying for the governorship, he was said to have been told by Ajimobi to go and test his popularity on the field.

Oke made these disclosures in Ogbomoso at a rally for the party’s candidate for Ogbomoso North/Ogbomoso South/Oriire Federal Constituency, Hon Olagunju Ojo.

Prior to the 2015 elections, we had a zonal meeting in my house, I told Senator Fatai Buhari that he should get ready to allow Alao-Akala have the party’s senatorial ticket if Alao-Akala joins the party and he acceded saying if that is the will of God. However, Alao-Akala left for the Labour Party he said.

When he joined the party, it was 50:50 with Alao-Akala despite the fact that he didn’t start the party with us from the beginning.

Sometimes ago, Ajimobi, Alao-Akala and Teslim Folarin met in London, which was publicised in all social media, and they reached an agreement. God bears me witness if Ajimobi betrayed Alao-Akala it its going to be a serious case.

Alao-Akala did express fear that if given the Senatorial ticket, he is uncertain of getting the support of the people in  Ogbomoso.

He said he wanted to vie for governorship because he could bank on some votes from Ibadan, Oyo state.

The agreement among the three of them

was that they will get Senatorial tickets. Prior to the APC primaries, we were shocked when Alao-Akala said he wanted the governorship ticket. We said that was not the initial agreement, so why the sudden change. Ajimobi then said if Alao-Akala insisted on getting the governorship ticket, he should go to the field to test his popularity first. But he failed to keep to the agreement, Said Oke.

Noting that the APC presented credible candidates across the board, Oke subsequently urged the people of Ogbomoso to vote responsibly.

Oke, has  joined by several other members of the state executive council members of the party and party leaders, subsequently did the symbolic handing over of the party’s flag to Olagunju Ojo as its candidate for Ogbomoso North/Ogbomoso South/Oriire federal constituency.

Speaking, about Senator Buhari avowed that the APC boasted of candidates of credible character and good track record from federal to state and local levels he said.

Noting that Ojo had garnered the needed legislative experience as former deputy Speaker and current Speaker to excel as a member of the House of Representatives, Buhari called for support for Ojo’s ambition he told the reporters.

Above all, Buhari prayed for the emergence of candidates who truly mean well for the nation, while urging the electorate to vote right and not engage in electoral violence.

Director General, Akala/Olaiya Campaign Organisation, Mr Wale Ohu, has discountenanced the APC Chairman’s assertion, noting that his principal, Alao-Akala, never had an agreement with Ajimobi on vying for the Senate, in London.

Speaking about the meeting which was held in London meeting, Ohu said that Ajimobi came to the company of Folarin to beg Alao-Akala to stay in the APC so that they could jointly tackle the Senator Rashidi Ladoja political family in the state.

While noting that Ajimobi asked what the political aspiration of Alao-Akala was, Ohu said Alao-Akala responded by saying, when we get to the bridge, we shall definitely cross it he said.

He described as ridiculous and undemocratic reaching such an agreement, noting that Alao-Akala had the political clout to win a Senatorial seat in Oyo North without having to rely on Ajimobi’s offer.

According to Ohu, Alao-Akala had always had his eyes on becoming governor again, and not vying for the Senate he told the reporters.

There was never an agreement like that. Ajimobi was like a fish out of water and felt that Ladoja and his Accord party then, was giving him serious heat. He then believed that he seriously needed an Alao-Akala to save himself from the destruction that was coming his way.

Ajimobi had to run to London in the company of Folarin to beg Alao-Akala that he should not leave the party and let them stay together as one. He asked what would be the aspiration of each of them and Alao-Akala responded that when they get to the bridge, they shall cross it over he said .

IfAlao- Akala needed the Senate seat; he will not need an Ajimobi as Ajimobi does not come from that Senatorial district.

He has no bearing in that district as Alao-Akala is very prominent there. This is a senatorial district where Akala has won the election in all local government in that district back to back four times.

The Governorship has always been Alao-Akala’s ambition. This is because people who wanted him to run have always been on his neck and he has always told them that he is consulting and that at the right time, he will let them know now. And those who have been pressurizing him did not stop until he answered their call he said.