About us

Control newspaper is owned by Tech AA memo Nigeria Ltd, a company registered in Nigeria, with registered office at 4th Floor Lister House, Next to High Court Ring Road Ibadan Oyo state, our others branches are located in Abuja, Lagos, ijebu ode, PortHarcourt, Enugu, Kaduna, Edo . You can contact us using the following email address:Info@controlnewspaper.com and Liveschat,

What do we do?
We draw content from our vast media portfolio, where the search for truth and dedication to our communities has earned a vast audience. We maintain the highest values of journalism while merging content with digital tools. With them, we can exponentially enhance visual storytelling, catapult our ability to track and engage our audience and offer world-class journalism with a cutting-edge delivery system.

How are we different?
No other media company can match the power of our brands and the power of our technology. No other media company surpasses the brilliance of our content and the brilliance of a digital delivery system that makes content easier to consume across every platform. No other media brand is so intellectually distinguished and radically distinct at the same time. And the journey is only beginning.

Why do we exist?
To transform journalism, offering the world a new model of media companies. Where ingenious technology allows a storied portfolio of storytelling to be pooled personalized and presented to every person on Earth at the speed of light. We are on a mission to scrupulously maintain the integrity and values of each journalistic brand while enhancing our ability to share and visualize our content.

What problem are we trying to solve?
In a media landscape ravaged by disruption, journalism retains its depth, credibility and trust, but has been slow to mobilize the full thrust of cutting edge digital management tools. Digitally native enterprises, on the other hand, can harness such tools but can’t offer the substance of traditional journalism.