Its  two days to Christmas, and despite the fuel scarcity in the country the celebration mood is on, sounds of  “jingle bell” are literally in the atmosphere and the children who have now been released from school can’t but express their joy.

Several malls and restaurants have experienced a huge influx of individuals, families, couples e.t.c, some on foot, while others having struggled to get the almighty PMS (fuel) are riding in to cool off the stress and have fun with their loved ones.

Meanwhile here are suggestions of special delicacies worth taking to celebrate the season as a true Nigerian.


Tuwo shinkafa is a type of Nigerian dish from the northern part of Nigeria. It is a thick pudding prepared from rice flour and is usually served with different types of soups like Miyan kuka.


African breadfruit is in a food class of its own. It is known as Ukwa in Igbo and the scientific name is Treculia africana. Ukwa is such a versatile food with a natural delicious flavour. It can be cooked plain without any ingredient, not even salt and it will taste great especially when prepared with fresh Ukwa. It can be roasted and eaten with coconut or palm kernel. It can also be prepared as porridge.



Àmàlà is a Nigerian food made out of yam and/or cassava flour. Yams are peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried and then blended into flour, also called elubo. Yams are white in colour but turn brown when dried; this gives àmàlà its colour.